This course requires students to go out into society and industry companies for seeking and defining a user-centered design problem by themselves, to develop the engineering design alternative to solve it, and then to build a working critical function prototype. By this type of training, as the leaders in the future, students cultivate the ability of “first movers,” who can develop a product and technology which has not existed before. This course requires to execute a design project by composing an interdisciplinary design team, which consists of students from various majors of the other colleges and foreign universities, as well as of the engineering college. For a semester, the design team (1) completes a customer requirement list after creating a global user-centered design problem that is required by the global society and industry companies, and then (2) finishes its optimal design solution based on the systematic design methodology, and (3) builds a critical function prototype of the design solution, and finally, (4) presents and exhibits it at the semester end. To support the design team, this course provides various lectures such as marketing, industrial design, patent law, creative thinking, conceptual design methodology, case studies in problem creation and so on. Cross-college faculty patent attorney, external experts provide individual and team mentoring for student projects.